Media 5 Mile Race, Inc. Tax Information

In 2009, Media 5 Mile Race incorporated as a 501c3 non profit organization.  This step enabled us to more fully meet the mission of the organization:  To continue the history of the Media 5 Miler as a focused community event, support health and education by supporting other non-profits that serve the Media Area. Through our mindful charge of revenues and expenses, we donate our proceeds where community is at the center of organizations' outreach. At a time where many traditional support systems have been taxed with cutbacks in funding, Media 5 Mile Race, Inc. contributions have a significant impact.


Financial Disclosure: 501c3 Tax 990s for Media 5 Mile, Inc. is provided from 2009-2015


Click the thumbnails or links below to download the PDF files:

2009 M5M Tax Return

2010 M5M Tax Return

2011 M5M Tax Return

2012 M5M Tax Return

2013 M5M Tax Return

2014 M5M Tax Return

2015 M5M Tax Return

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