At The Start Line: The History of the Media 5 Mile Race

The Media 5 Miler originated in 1980 as a fundraiser for a local political campaign. Two residents, Frank Daly and Frank Deady, outlined a course and planned an evening of fun and good cheer, which has evolved into an annual cherished and respected event, all politics aside.

In the first few years, the race attracted several hundred runners and a lot of local support. State Street was the focus for the beginning and end of the race, but residents lined the course throughout neighborhoods and turned the race into a true community event. This tradition continues today.

The Challenge

The 2.5 mile, double loop course is a challenge. With twists and turns, the short and steep and long rising hills on this course brings out the beast in runners. The diverse participants range from former Olympiads, university and high school star athletes, seasoned teams and less competitive but goal oriented runners of all levels.

Certified by the USATF, many runners use their time here to help qualify for larger races. Runners from across the country come back to Media each year to participate.

The Transition

2006 brought new ideas to the 5 Miler with the addition of Free Kids’ Fun Runs at Barrall Field with age groups up to 12. Volunteers, families and kids alike enjoy the stress free events where everyone is a winner.

Always the  3rd Friday evening in June, the State Street location became the constant. The Start and Finish here led the many retailers and restaurants to participate with their support. Spectators line the sidewalks to cheer on their favorite runners while residents lined the course throughout neighborhoods and turned the race into a true community event.

Making Strides: The Media 5 Mile Race Today

In 2009, Media 5 Mile Race incorporated as a 501c3 non profit organization. This step enabled us to more fully meet the mission of the organization: To continue the history of the Media 5 Miler as a focused community event, and encourage health and education by supporting other      non-profits that serve the Media Area.

Through our mindful charge of revenues and expenses, we donate our proceeds where community is at the center of organizations’ outreach. At a time where many traditional support systems have been taxed with cutbacks in funding, Media 5 Mile Race, Inc. contributions have a significant impact.

BENEFICIARIES of the Media 5 Mile Race

Media Fire, Hook & Ladder Co. #1

Media-Upper Providence Free Library

US Veterans Legacy Project

Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County

Media Area Girls Softball

Media Area NAACP

Media Food Bank

Media Youth Center

Media Fair Trade Committee

Media Fellowship House

Media Recreation Committee – Capital Improvements

Media Borough Capital Improvement Fund

Media Police Association Fund

The Penncrest Gridiron Boosters Club

Media Business Authority

Media School Playground Renovation Project – pledged $25,000 

Financial Disclosure

Follow this link for 501c3 Tax 990s for Media 5 Mile, Inc. provided from 2009-2015

Changes and updates in Technology have been implemented to streamline registration and provide handy real time results. Amenities have expanded to include live music and awards, and post race snacks and drinks to rejuvenate runners and many opportunities to celebrate.

With the 38th annual Media 5 Mile Race just months away, many thanks to our Borough Council and Departments, Sponsors, Volunteers, Board members and community members.

Media 5 Mile Race, Inc is committed to continue placing our runners, residents and broader community first.

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Next Race is Friday, June 19, 2020

On the third Friday of June each year, the community comes together for the Media 5 Mile Race.  This USATF certified 2.5 mile course loops twice through the residential and business areas of Media, PA.
Since 1980, the 5 Mile Race has been an integral part of the Media Community.  As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the Media 5 Mile supports community outreach and donates proceeds to 20 other non-profits that serve the Media Area.
With thanks to our Sponsors, Volunteers, Board Members and community members, we are committed to placing our runners, residents and broader community first.